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The sickest drone videos from around the web

The sickest drone videos from around the web 2668 2000 Dani Lyman

There’s no question that drones revolutionized video and changed our viewing experience. From nature docs to corporate events, drones have captured beautiful footage from interesting angles that weren’t possible to achieve in the past. However, with technology quickly advancing, certified drone operators are pushing boundaries and taking aerial cinematography to a whole new level. Drones are increasingly being utilized across multiple professions to create cinematic and awe-inspiring footage – and even aid in saving lives.

Here are a few sick videos from around the web that highlight the badass tricks and practical capabilities of the modern drone.

Smooth Operator

In this commercial, Ford teamed up with Aerial Edge to capture a stunning shot we don’t usually see. Going beyond the usual “from above” view, the pilot squeezes the drone through the trees to allow the car to drive out of frame in one seamless move. It’s cinematic, perfectly paced and really challenges the status quo. Drone footage like this, which follows the action, is much more stimulating and exciting to watch!

Tricky One Shot

Do not let the easy flow of this video fool you! To accomplish these tricks so precisely, the drone operator has to be wildly talented and must completely understand the technology he’s working with. It’s much harder than it looks! Not only does he fly backward throughout the entire shot (what!?), he also perfectly times his movements to fly through small objects and tight spaces with complete accuracy. This beautifully constructed one-shot leaves no room for mistakes. In just a few minutes the sun will rise and he’ll lose the piercing light creeping up over the city. No wonder this was the 2017 Drone Film Festival Winner.

Lifesaving Technology

Drone technology company Aerones provides a great example of the diverse use of drones outside of the video industry.  In 2017, Aerones launched a drone that is able to carry a human being! Despite the sheer joy on the face of the jumper in the video, this beast isn’t just for adrenaline junkies and extreme sports enthusiasts. The massive drone was designed, in part, to aid rescue teams by dropping a person into the action or pulling someone out of a dangerous situation. Afraid of heights? You might want to look away. But, I wouldn’t recommend it. This is epic.


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How to nail your creative video pitch for internal clients

How to nail your creative video pitch for internal clients 3499 2333 Heidi McLean

As the internal creative agency bidding for a project, you know the brand as well as anyone and you cross paths with the decision makers every day. That doesn’t mean you should approach it like a sure thing. Here are some ways to nail the creative video pitch, and make sure the project remains an inside job.


6 tips to nail your creative video pitch


1. Use your intimacy and access to your advantage 

Nobody knows a company and its brand better than the people who eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You know  the vision, the budget restrictions, and the decision makers’ likes and dislikes. You know which of the past campaigns accomplished the goal and which ones fell flat. As an insider, you have a unique position of internal knowledge and access. Keep everything you know in mind and use it to your advantage as you create your pitch.

2. Understand the project fully 

Take enough time to understand the project completely—the audience, the goal, the tone, etc. Ask questions. Once you understand it well, gather your creative team to brainstorm. Start with all the ideas, even if they’re terrible. Once you have a list of about 20 that feel like they have some meat, start picking them apart to find the holes.

3. Develop your ideas fully 

Take the top three ideas that made it through the gauntlet and develop them as well as you can among your internal team. Research reference materials for inspiration. From there, present the ideas to your colleagues as well as people unfamiliar with the company and product. Their questions and feedback will reveal where the holes are so you can rework.

4. Create an unforgettable presentation

Once you’ve developed your three ideas, choose a format (such as a storyboard or slideshow, for example) to present them. In addition to some images and/or reference materials that give life to the important beats, include a campaign name and a description of the tone and strategy.

5. Be prepared

Don’t take it for granted that, just because you walk by these people every day, they’ll forgive a sloppy presentation. Make sure your team is fully prepared and then pitch like your job or your paycheck or your next vacation depends on it.

6. Take a moment to breathe 

Giving your best is important (even if just so you can sleep well at night), but remember the stakes aren’t life and death. If all you’re thinking about is how you have to get this right…you’re almost surely going to get it very very wrong.

The bottom line 

The market is crowded with plenty of other hardworking, qualified individuals and agencies itching for a chance to bid the same project. Do your homework and nail your pitch to ensure you’re the one who wins the job.


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Crewing services from a trusted source? Yes, please!

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From dating websites to Yelp reviews, online profiles aren’t exactly known for being trustworthy. Anonymity makes it easy to game the system, and some businesses even pay for glowing reviews of their products or services. What if there were a third party service to confirm that a potential date’s hair is real or a company’s reviews are from actual customers?

Whether booking crewing services or finding a date, it’s just nice to have some reassurance you’ve found a good match. That’s why we are so proud to be among ProductionHub’s Top 100 most popular and trusted profiles. Our film and video crewing services stand out because we are true to our values of optimism, integrity, entrepreneurship, and customer service. And besides a shoulder to cry on after a bad date, our commitment to our values means that you benefit from our expertise, quick payment, and always-on service.



We’ve been in the freelance video production business for nearly 30 years and know the best video production crews in every corner of the globe. Our crew coordinators are video veterans who always match you with the best crew for your unique project.  


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Transparency is a major part of our integrity as a company. That’s why you can view our database of vetted international film crews anytime at Crew Connection‘s online database. And if you need to talk to a dedicated crew coordinator immediately, you can always get ahold of us on our emergency lines  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.


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Crew Connection puts a world of video and post-production service providers at your fingertips. In just a few clicks you can search, chat with, and book vetted crews local to your shoot—all on your own schedule. Rely on Crew Connection’s team of media experts to organize the crews and gear you need for multi-day and multi-location video projects anywhere in the world. Our professional crew coordinators are on call around the clock if you ever need live assistance. Sign up on, call us at 303-526-4900, or shoot us an email at

International crewing made easy

International crewing made easy

International crewing made easy 760 350 Heidi McLean

Seasoned producers get into a rhythm. Before they even set up a project, they have a decent idea of how long the project will take, how much money they’ll spend, and the team they want on the job. Make that shoot international though, and you’re sure to throw even the most experienced professional off balance. That said, it doesn’t have to be a painful experience.

For the scoop on both what makes international crewing painful and what makes it easier, we picked Crew Connection’s Project Owners’ brains. Our Project Owners have daily contact with both crews and clients looking for crewing services. Together, they’ve had their hands in shoots from Texas to Taiwan. Here are five considerations that can make hiring an international crew a pain along with three tips to make the whole thing that much easier.


Five factors that can make hiring an international crew painful:

  1. Time zone differences: Anytime you work with someone at a different timezone, communication takes a little extra effort. Internationally, that effort can become Herculean. You may be on the exact opposite end of the clock as those you’re working with and still need to be available for meetings or damage control. Odd hours and late-night or early-morning emails are a given. Time differences can even affect post-production. Shipping files on drives are still the most reliable form of transferring footage but leaves plenty of room for error in other ways.
  2. Local laws and regulations: Different countries have different rules so what is a no-brainer in one place may be a no-go in another. Crews don’t want to adopt the responsibility of making sure what you’re asking them to do is in line with local rules. It’s still your job to talk to make sure you’re covered.
  3. Vetting: Anyone can pick up a camera and point it at a scene, but we all know it takes a different level of skill to make sure it’s something you are comfortable representing you and your brand. Demo reels and work examples, which are crucial to your ability to judge the quality, may not be as easy to find on some international crews.
  4. Extra expenses: In addition to travel costs, working internationally means extra expenses in exchange rates, wiring fees, shipping costs, and more. It all adds up. A lot of international crews also require a deposit (or even the full payment) before the shoot begins. Additionally, you may need to hire a bigger crew than you’re used to. What is a one-person job in your experience could be a three-person job abroad.
  5. Extra risk: As a rule, you take on more responsibility and therefore more risk in international shoots. It doesn’t need to be a deterrent in itself, but it’s good to be aware.


Tips to make international crewing easier:

Yes, it really can be a pain, but there are some ways to set yourself up for success.  

  1. Over-communicate: Ask a ton of questions. Talk with crews about rates, equipment, the timeline, which crew members are required to be on set, etc. Talk to the local film commission or equivalent (if applicable) and get all permits and releases before you send money or start filming.
  2. Learn international business etiquette: It takes some effort to learn a few business etiquette basics, but it will save you some trouble later to have an awareness of local business practices and labor laws upfront.
  3. Hire the right partners: A crewing service (like Crew Connection) can make sure you have a qualified crew while also handling all the fees, addressing the time zone differences, and easing the language barriers.


The bottom line

Doing it all on your own can be challenging, but with a little extra work upfront and the right partners in the effort, even international shoots can be as smooth as French silk.

About Crew Connection

Crew Connection puts a world of video and post-production service providers at your fingertips. In just a few clicks you can search, chat with, and book vetted crews local to your shoot—all on your own schedule. Rely on Crew Connection’s team of media experts to organize the crews and gear you need for multi-day and multi-location video projects anywhere in the world. Our professional crew coordinators are on call around the clock if you ever need live assistance. Sign up on, call us at 303-526-4900, or shoot us an email at

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