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What Makes a Great Video Editor

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“It’s the editor who orchestrates the rhythm of the images, and that is the rhythm of the dialogue, and of course the rhythm of the music. For me, the editor is like a musician, and often a composer.” – Martin Scorcese


In the video industry, everyone knows the edit can make or break a project. You can hire the best production team in the world, but if your editor doesn’t understand both the technology and the art of editing, you’re out of luck. A bad edit can leave a viewer cringing and can cost more in re-edits than it’s worth.

So, what can you do to make sure you’ve hired the best of the best to edit your latest piece? I chatted with professional freelance editor and longtime Crew Connection Crew, Jeff Drake, about his vast career and what he believes makes an excellent editor.


The Vision

“When I first saw Avid Media Composer, I knew non-linear editing was what I wanted to be doing.” Drake’s editing journey began when post-production meant using tape machines and a switcher. The introduction to editing software was a complete game-changer for his career. “It allowed me to be faster and more creative and inspired me to constantly learn new technology in order to elevate the level of my work.”

That level of elevated work has allowed Drake to be fortunate enough to edit for major companies like ESPN, Wells Fargo, Toyota and Victoria’s Secret, to name just a few. His experience, accompanied by his humble and professional approach, is what sets him apart from amateur editors who may understand the technology, but not the business of editing. “Most directors and producers have a vision and it’s my job to fulfill that vision first. I always aim to bring something to the table and make the final project better than the client anticipated.”



The Business

Putting one’s artistic ego aside and focusing on delivering the client’s vision isn’t always easy, but it is a paramount trait in a sought-after editor. Creative personalities can often clash, but Drake believes forcing his perspective on a client is the opposite of what he’s been hired to do. “I will defend my creative decisions, but only once because I want the person paying the bill to be really happy with how the project turns out.” In the end, he’s been hired to make the post-production process easier for the client. It isn’t personal.

Another way he manages to keep such a professional rapport with his clients is by working as a contractor, instead of an in-house editor. Drake reveals that working with various clients away from the office is one of the biggest benefits to his work. By staying out of office politics and avoiding distractions Drake says he can focus all his energy on delivering an excellent product. As a contractor, he can also bring a fresh perspective that sometimes in-house editors can’t provide.


The Final Product

Working behind the scenes can make it difficult for people to understand the artistry that goes into editing a project.  “Editing is creative control of the structure, pacing, and tone of any piece, no matter how complicated or simple.” Additionally,  a solid editor can work with powerful tools to manipulate mediocre images, improve audio or design motion graphics from a simple idea.

“I think editing is the single most important contribution to the overall feel and success of a project but, of course, I’m biased.” Drake may be joking, but this is the level of commitment and skill you want your editor to have. You want to trust your editor is giving 100% percent to seeing your vision succeed. That’s what separates an excellent editor from the rest.

Coolest Camera Gear Must Haves

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There are a grip ton of companies out there creating so many camera and grip accessories that it can get a little overwhelming to sort through them all. From pocket jibs to flywheels to app controlled motorized skaters, the market is flooded with nifty gadgets you want to add to your equipment cage. But, some products and companies are definitely better than others! Check out 3 companies creating some of the coolest toys in the industry!


Edelkrone focuses on pint-sized, portable accessories that simplify the production process. From their PocketRig to the SliderOne, they deliver tiny tools to get smooth shots from interesting angles. Many of their products are app controlled, leaving less room for human error and more time to get that perfect shot. The motorized system is perfect for stunning timelapses and creative stop-motion projects.  While all Edelkrone products are making a splash, people are especially enthusiastic about the Motion BOX and its ability to shoot 360 degrees in one fluid motion.



Established in 2003, Kessler has become an industry leader, providing some of the most innovative camera and grip gear. For their latest invention, they merged the CineDrive and Shuttle Dolly into one groundbreaking system. The multi-axis motion controlled camera system slides easily along the dolly without missing a beat. The system is designed for users to have full control down to their fingertips by programming keyframes to ensure accurate camera movements at the precise time. To give you even more to nerd out on, the upside down camera movement on the dolly is pretty epic.


If you search the internet for “best slider” Rhino undoubtedly has one of the largest and loudest fan bases out there. Rhino Slider EVO has the reputation of being the best in the game. One of the most notable ways this slider stands out among its competition is the flywheel. The flywheel securely sits on top of the slider to create the perfect amount of tension which keeps the camera flowing smoothly, avoiding any little bump in the road. That uninterrupted “sliding” motion is exactly why we use the slider to begin with and Rhino seems to have mastered it!



Push iPhone’s video potential to the max

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With internet articles like “How to Film A Hollywood Worthy Movie on Your iPhone” and “How to Shoot iPhone Video Like a Pro” you may get the impression that cinematic brilliance is in the palm of your hand with the purchase of the iPhone X.

You say to yourself, “Why do I need to hire a crew for my social media campaign, my promotional video, or my company’s internal projects when I can do everything on my phone?”

Then you see incredibly beautiful images produced with the iPhone like this gorgeous short film by Amnesia Art and you think, “I can do that.” But, it’s not as easy as it looks.

When you see such a well crafted film like this it is easy to get swept away into the notion that you, yourself, or at the very least, your neighbor’s teenager because he’s better with technology than you are, can create something similar for your video project. Until you give it a try. Then, sadly, passed your deadline with half your budget wasted, you find yourself with unusable footage ruined by terrible lighting, unbearable sound and choppy editing.

Just like wearing Nikes doesn’t make you Jordan, the iPhone doesn’t make you a talented DP. The device is only as good as the person operating it. Ryan Earl and Nick Arcivos, the talent behind this film, have years of experience as filmmakers and photographers. In their dedicated and very capable hands a phone becomes another tool in their arsenal to create a successful piece of art.

Another thing to consider is the extensive amount of equipment needed to create a piece that looks this professional. The Amnesia Art team posted the list of equipment they used which totals over $2,000. Half of that was spent on sound equipment alone! BECAUSE THAT’S HOW IMPORTANT SOUND IS! No one will watch your video if the sound is bad! That is why a professional Audio Tech is so crucial to the success of your project and worth every penny. Not to mention the smooth flow of the edit is not something that can be accomplished by just anybody, even with easy to use editing apps.

There is a laundry list of details that go into making a film like this. The kind of details that those of us who work in Video Production are completely passionate about, obsess over and educate ourselves on daily.

The iPhone definitely has a place in the DIY video world. You can make awesome videos for your podcast, Instagram or YouTube channel, but when it comes to larger endeavors and really higher-end projects – nothing beats experience. Or dedication. Or knowledge. Or passion. A crew of experts who understand how to use the equipment and deliver a solid project is always worth the investment.





The Woman Behind the Invisible Lens

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Susu Hauser as a photographic volunteer with WildLife Act tracking the endangered African Wild Dog.

“I feel empowered when I’m holding a camera,” Susu Hauser, adventurer, world-traveler, filmmaker, TV industry veteran, wife and cinematographer says with a gleam of pride in her eye. And she should feel proud. As one of the few female camera operators in the docu-reality TV world she’s a groundbreaking trailblazer paving the way for more women to emerge in this extremely male dominated field.

Despite her long list of credits and her massive accomplishments around the world (working Deadliest Catch in Alaska to trekking Ethiopia with a camera) she is often still treated as the sidekick or “little woman” next to men in her industry. Susu doesn’t complain about it. She doesn’t play the victim or pout, instead she straps on her hiking boots, slings a camera over her shoulder and proceeds to her next adventure, proving with every impressive credit that the camera knows no gender. If you’re good, you’re good. And she’s good.

These are her thoughts in her own words about her journey as a woman behind the camera.

Empowerment through Cinematography

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” – a wise person once said, and it couldn’t be more true of my craft. As a female cinematographer, I feel an adrenaline rush with every new environment I delve into, every walk of life I engage with, and every new adventure I embark on. The camera has been my tool to live life to the fullest  – whether I am coasting down 10,000 ft in a Piper cub with the engine cut out, or trouncing through the “emerald triangle” of Northern California in full camo, I have challenged my physical and mental body to greet the unknown. There is fear, freedom and empowerment that comes with all this.


Life Behind the Camera

I wrote an essay in highschool about my desire to be a National Geographic photographer “when I grew up”. Never did I think that 10 years later, I would be doing just that…

I have since been fortunate enough to have kissed the Blarney stone, visited the lost city of Pompeii, enjoyed the thermal baths of Budapest, swam from island to island in the Adriatic sea, snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, sky dove over Fox Glacier in New Zealand, polished my Thai cooking in Chiang Mai, watched the sun rise over the temples of Angkor Wat, kayaked the Mekong… (and the list goes on…). With every new excursion and adventure, I have honed my photography skills. So you can see, travel, adventure, and photography are my lifeblood. I have a thirst for diverse cultures and exotic lands. Cinematography has enabled me to marry all these passions, and I am beyond grateful for that.

A Woman’s Rise up a Male Ladder

Truthfully, my rise up the ladder in this industry was slow, steady and incremental. On the one hand, it was a bummer seeing my male counterparts wiz by me in the job positions and titles when I knew we had the same work ethic, talent and drive… It seemed as though there was a tendency to shy away from putting females in the field unless they were fulfilling positions as coordinators, managers, and associate producers.

On the other hand, I gained experience in every job title leading me to eventually running my own production company with my husband, The Invisible Lens. These rungs on the ladder included – Post and production PA, Field and Post Coordinator, Production Manager, Associate Producer, Assistant Camera, Producer, and Camera Operator.

Advice for Women Up and Comers

Be persistent. I ventured out with countless male camera operators before getting my hands on the camera. Observe them, soak them for knowledge, be indispensable, and if they are confident enough within their own craft they will help you learn the ropes.  It’s one thing to get an education from a film school, it’s an entirely other thing to be gaining practical knowledge in the field.

Know your thresholds, be safe, and speak up when things don’t feel right.

A Message to the Industry

My message to the industry on behalf of us few female camera operators is – do not underestimate us. I may be only 5’5’’(on a good day!), but I can trounce through the woods with a Sony F800 on my shoulder just like the rest of them. – And I may even be smiling while I do it.


Filming on National Geographic’s Wild Justice in northern California


To experience Susu’s work and learn about her upcoming documentary to empower women through the Fair Trade Market please visit


Catch their attention with a seriously well-done video

Catch their attention with a seriously well-done video 6000 4000 Dani Lyman

In an age when we have shorter attention spans than a goldfish, marketing videos have to be more creative and technically savvy to get viewers hooked.


In 2015, Microsoft Corp published a study that showed our average attention span plummeted from 12 seconds to 8 seconds – meaning we are as easily distracted as Dory and just as likely to forget what we watched. A video marketer’s goal must be to grab the attention of the viewer immediately, and then keep him watching with memorable content.


In film school we were taught that edits should be made approximately every 7 seconds to keep the audience interested. When you’re relying on video to market your company or build interest in your brand, you have to be fast moving, entertaining, and more than anything – creative.


Here are 3 examples of edgy brand marketing videos that combine innovative ideas, witty voice overs, flashy cinematography and out of the box editing techniques to create unforgettable content.



Using popular sitcom techniques like exterior wide shots, cheesy intro music, and mockumentary style storytelling, Slack created a unique, laugh out loud, quirky 2-minute video that tells us who they are and why we want to use them.



No camera or corporate interview required. This piece by Dissolve successfully relies entirely on editing and snarky commentary on generic corporate videos to stand out in the crowd. Money well spent on compelling voice over talent and a kick ass editor who understands comedic timing.



A fresh take on Talking Heads. This video really highlights the value of a great producer on set.  Sarah’s genuine and confident presence on screen proves there was an experienced producer behind the camera putting her at ease. Beautiful lighting, unique framing and edits every few seconds keep the viewer’s interest visually, while creating a human element to Freshbook’s brand by making us truly interested in Sarah and her story.



A bad ass video production crew and post team can provide all the eye-catching, creative visual elements you need to hook your audience. It’s up to you to add your voice, style and unique brand to keep them coming back.


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Crew Connection puts a suite of marketing tools at your fingertips. Get your demo reels, stills, gear, awards, and more in front of the biggest clients all over the world—for free. At Crew Connection we pay video and post production providers within 30 days of receiving your invoice so your work and your life are never interrupted. Need live assistance or want to add quality jobs to your pipeline? Our crew coordinators are on call around the clock. Sign in to Crew Connection, call 303-526-4900, or email

Go ahead and make it rain

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Whether you work on commercials, movies or photo shoots, you’re bound to run into one very tricky issue in production – creating a weather scene.

There are some crafty Hollywood hacks for recreating the elements: like stuffing ice into a wood chipper (Fargo much?) to imitate falling snow or using a leaf blower against talent’s hair for tornado scenes. But, the most used element on camera, rain, can also be the most difficult to film.



When your shoot calls for rain, you want those big, sexy, glamorous drops falling slightly to the left while subtle winds circle around your talent. You want it to look unrealistically beautiful, so you have to fake it.

Creating movie style rain requires a few simple steps. Number one – don’t shoot in the rain! Not only is weather completely unpredictable and nearly impossible to schedule a shoot around, it doesn’t read on screen. It could be a downpour of torrential rain, but the footage only shows hazy grey streaks crying on the screen. It’s kind of pathetic.

For the camera to catch the drops, you’re going to want large, heavy disbursement. Features often make it rain by using rain trucks, but that can cause a drought in the budget. The next best thing is a rain rig, which are long pipes that stand on tall poles with attached sprinkler heads. Rain rigs are set up in the foreground and background of your shot to create a great consistent shower. Those can be a bit pricey as well. If you want Hollywood rain on a film school budget, check out this bad-ass rain rig designed by Tom Antos. Watch out for the Amateur Move: Rain that comes into the scene from more than one direction.


*lighting matters*

Once you have your rain source, you have to light it properly. Backlight. Blacklight. Backlight. Backlighting separates the rain from the background and highlights the drops as they fall to the ground. This creates layers, more dimension and allows the droplets to really shine.


The Blustery Day

Whether you’re trying to achieve a romantic kiss under a light drizzle or the Day After Tomorrow Armageddon storm, you’re going to need some wind to sell the moment. A fan off camera isn’t going to push the illusion of wind unless it has something to blow around. For wind to pop on screen, you want to scatter your set with debris like leaves, dirt, and some earth powder. When you add the fan, the debris will circle in the air, creating whirling movement and a beautifully textured scene.


Finishing Touches

To finish off your stormy look, make sure to wet down the entire scene. Vehicles, roads, umbrellas, sidewalks and your talent. In some cases, simply hosing down the set is enough to create the illusion of fresh rain. In the end, that slick, wet look really resonates on camera and delivers that rainy day feel we love to see on film. For a little extra drama, shoot at night, throw some fog in your shot and backlight it!

These simple tricks are all it takes to turn your sunny shoot into a cinematic storm.



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Crew Connection puts a suite of marketing tools at your fingertips. Get your demo reels, stills, gear, awards, and more in front of the biggest clients all over the world—for free. At Crew Connection we pay video and post production providers within 30 days of receiving your invoice so your work and your life are never interrupted. Need live assistance or want to add quality jobs to your pipeline? Our crew coordinators are on call around the clock. Sign in to Crew Connection, call 303-526-4900, or email

The future of video marketing

The future of video marketing 4605 2152 Dani Lyman

When it comes to interactive marketing videos, the future is here.

Images we once only saw in movies are now coming to life through our phones, headsets and tablets. Companies are no longer showing consumers who they are – they are engaging them by altering reality. And, if you aren’t incorporating motion graphics, augmented reality or virtual reality into your marketing videos then you are missing the mark on how to engage with your modern customers.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Josh Crist at a Crew Connection sponsored Colorado American Marketing Association event in Denver. Josh is a Video Growth Hacker with V3 Media, a Colorado-based video marketing agency. With experience in helping clients impact their audiences and get better video ROI, he was just the guy I wanted to talk to about the future of video marketing and how our clients can stay relevant in this fast-changing technical world. Josh had a few very helpful insights about the future of video marketing and beyond:


1. Trends in Technology and Video Marketing

According to Josh, the trends businesses need to focus on for the best video ROI are more interactive. “Trends that are starting to really come into their own are interactive videos, 360° videos and augmented reality, with virtual reality soon to follow.”

These terms may seem futuristic and intimidating, but they are more accessible than you think. Your favorite companies are using these technologies daily. Snapchat filters are a great example of AR being used every day – how many doe-eyed-deer filtered photos have you seen in the past month? Just take a look at Tinder. It’s all the rage.


2. Virtual Reality is the Future

When I think of VR it catapults me back to the early 90’s and I’m suddenly watching Demolition Man thinking I wouldn’t live long enough to see VR become an accessible technology. But, now, here we are in the future and businesses recognize they “can create a completely immersive experience for viewers [with] applications [far] beyond just traditional marketing” such as internal video training, education and experience design. Virtual reality is revolutionizing the branding experience. It “allows you to bake the marketing into the product (or experience) by doing cool and crazy/exciting things as a brand that delights your customers.”

A company that isn’t sitting on the sidelines, waiting for VR to become an easy, everyday marketing tool is Toyota. They are using VR to teach teens how to drive. After being stuck behind a student driver in traffic last week, I can all too easily see the benefit of a program like this.


3. The Best Way to Engage Your Customers Today

Josh doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to video marketing. In this world, if you aren’t ahead of the curve, you aren’t even in the race. An area he sees a lot of growth in and one companies should be jumping on now is augmented reality. He says, “AR keeps growing and seems to be a really strong way brands can create content that delights their customers. AR is expected to grow to $117.4 billion by 2022 and more and more applications for its technology keep showing up.”

A ridiculously awesome and practical way I’ve seen AR used is by the company Jura. They have an app that allows customers to virtually try on watches and compare before they buy. Why doesn’t every accessory brand have this? Pretty soon, Millennial consumers are going to expect all their favorite brands to provide them with an AR experience. Will yours be one of them?


4. Wow Them With Motion Graphics

We are living in a world that now blends reality and computer-generated images everywhere we turn. Your basic corporate video with the khaki-wearing spokeswoman isn’t going to engage the fresh talent you want to bring on board. If VR and AR are outside the scope of your budget and need, what else can you do to stand out?

Josh says it’s all about the graphics, “adding more visual elements to [your video] through graphics and overlays is a way to up the user experience. It also makes the video feel more interactive and engaging by supporting what the speaker is saying through different mediums within the video.”

Post-production is a key element to a great trending video. If you need to go with a simple video approach then let a talented motion graphics designer bling out your project with stylistic lower thirds, moving charts and fresh overlays to set you apart from the competition.

Don’t know any master graphics artists? That’s okay. We do. We have a massive amount of talented post production professionals in our database that can take your video to the next level.


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Crew Connection puts a suite of marketing tools at your fingertips. Get your demo reels, stills, gear, awards, and more in front of the biggest clients all over the world—for free. At Crew Connection we pay video and post production providers within 30 days of receiving your invoice so your work and your life are never interrupted. Need live assistance or want to add quality jobs to your pipeline? Our crew coordinators are on call around the clock. Sign in to Crew Connection, call 303-526-4900, or email


NAB reveals next level gear you can use

NAB reveals next level gear you can use 1000 563 Dani Lyman

If you’re in the video production industry, there is only one place you want to be when spring hits: Vegas! No, not just for the debauchery, but for the unveiling of ground-breaking gear that revolutionizes the way we do business. Spring means NAB.


But, what really  stood out at the 2018 NAB Show?

Every year we want to stay on top of the latest gadgets and upgrades that make our shoots more efficient and our footage stunning. While everything revealed at the NAB Show is pretty exciting, the product that caught my attention this year was the Redrock Mirco Digiboom. Not only is the Digiboom hard to say without smiling, it is all too easy to envision its practical use and how it serves to improve production quality.


Sure, Sony showcased their new FS5 II with color science technology, and Blackmagic has a nifty pocket camera, but the Digiboom is the real game changer for everyday content. While at first glance it simply looks like a fancy boom pole, it’s actually a multi-purposed camera rig that merges jib, drone and steadicam technology into one pint-sized, easy to maneuver, handheld piece of magic.


Probably the most exciting aspect of the Digiboom is its ability to capture innovative 4k angles we’ve never seen before. Its flexible rig, 11 feet of extension and smooth stabilization allow the camera to move around and underneath objects. This all makes for spontaneous creativity, fast-paced action shots and more engaging interviews.


While other gear may have been equally mind-blowing at this year’s NAB Show, a product like the Digiboom has a real practical impact on our crews. Imagine the production value you can easily add to your corporate videos, commercials, and live events – with much less hassle and smaller cost. I must say, this new product is a bet that will pay off in happier clients and bigger profits.


Designed for the master camera operator, Digiboom is an essential tool to help our camera crews stand out among competitors and produce the best product possible. Luckily, what happens in Vegas isn’t staying in Vegas this time. You can pre-order your very own Digiboom now on the Redrock Micro website for a mere $500. Jackpot!



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Crew Connection puts a suite of marketing tools at your fingertips. Get your demo reels, stills, gear, awards, and more in front of the biggest clients all over the world—for free. At Crew Connection we pay video and post production providers within 30 days of receiving your invoice so your work and your life are never interrupted. Need live assistance or want to add quality jobs to your pipeline? Our crew coordinators are on call around the clock. Sign in to Crew Connection, call 303-526-4900, or email

Meet Dani, our newest Crew Coordinator

Meet Dani, our newest Crew Coordinator 150 150 Heidi McLean


We are happy to introduce the newest team member. Clients and crews can look forward to working with Dani Lyman on future projects.


Crew Connection: Where did you grow up?

Dani Lyman: I grew up all over the place! My family’s from the Bronx, so we took those NY roots and culture with us to Miami, Detroit, Denver and Phoenix. I’ve also spent some time in Hawaii and Portland. I went to Film School in Scottsdale and graduated from ASU, so I probably consider Arizona my “home.” 


CC: What were you doing before you joined Crew Connection?

DL: I worked in the freelance video production and sports broadcast world. I worked often as a Production Coordinator and a writer for the video side and as a Producer or Graphics Operator on the Sports Broadcast side. 

I worked for fantastic companies like Pro Angle Media, Mountain West, MLB, ESPN, Mayo Clinic, SheKnows and more. I got to travel quite a bit, build my skills and experience and really explore my interests. 


CC: What made you decide to get into video production?

DL: My dad was an artist and my mom is a natural photographer. I think I was born with this gene and this need to see the world through a frame and share that vision. I was obsessed with art, images, music, writing–any kind of creative medium and I was dying to find my outlet and way of contributing or being connected to it all. 

I had this idea that film and video is the medium that connects all the arts together. It uses composition, lighting, music, writing, movement and editing to drive home an emotion, impact an audience, make you feel or believe something. Whether it’s a short comedy vlog, a film or a commercial–you get to use all these creative elements to tell a story and share a message. 

I wanted to be a part of that. 


CC: Do you have any pets?

DL: I have Lil Bit, a.k.a., Da Baby Kitties. He’s a sweet and fluffy black Ragdoll cat and he’s been my best buddy and travel companion for 13 years. He’s kind of my favorite thing. 

I also have a rescue Boxer named Champion who is super quirky and too adorable for words. He’s the best. It’s been amazing to watch him heal and develop his personality after the rough life he had before.


CC: What’s the best movie you’ve seen recently?

DL: I’ve seen Life three times in the last year. I love it. It’s really beautifully shot and kept me on the edge of my set the whole time. It felt like an experience. I want more movies like that!


CC: What’s your favorite classic movie?

DL: Tombstone. Best, most quotable movie ever. I am obsessed with it and have been since I was 9 years old. Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday is one of my favorite performances of all time. Anyone who knows me knows I can talk about this movie forever. So I’ll just stop now.


CC: Who have you been listening to lately?

DL: My music tastes are across the board, but these artists are always on my playlist:

The Revivalists, NeedToBreathe, Chris Stapleton,  Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Leon Bridges, Gary Clark Jr., Marshmello, NF, Flume, Aokay and Jidenna.


CC: What’s the last concert you went to?

DL: Gary Clark Jr. at the Ogden in Denver. Blew my mind. 


CC: Are there any other questions that you have cool answers to I haven’t asked?

DL: I’m really passionate about writing. I would say it is my “art.” I won an awesome comedy award in LA for my first screenplay and now I’m finishing up my second, more of an Indie Drama, to submit to festivals this season. I also mentor young writers and just taught my first screenwriting workshop! 


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Crew Connection puts a suite of marketing tools at your fingertips. Get your demo reels, stills, gear, awards, and more in front of the biggest clients all over the world—for free. At Crew Connection we pay video and post production providers within 30 days of receiving your invoice so your work and your life are never interrupted. Need live assistance or want to add quality jobs to your pipeline? Our crew coordinators are on call around the clock. Sign in to Crew Connection, call 303-526-4900, or email

How to Budget For the Production You Want

How to Budget For the Production You Want 4948 2902 Dani Lyman

Kurt Vonnegut may not have been talking about the Video Production Industry when he wrote, “In this world, you get what you pay for,” but it certainly applies.

In an effort to keep costs down, clients often cut corners when negotiating their budgets. “Why do we need a camera guy, an audio tech, and a grip? Can’t one person do all 3 jobs?” Not if you want the best quality product, an efficient shoot, and a video you can be proud of.

To save you time, stress, and money, there are a few key areas you never want to skimp on when planning a shoot.



Never skimp on the sound. Never.  A great audio tech is worth every penny.  The general consensus is: people are unforgiving when it comes to audio issues. An audience can sit through a video with less than appealing visuals, but bad sound makes them turn it off immediately!

Fuzzy dialogue, mic squeaks, and bursts of loud music make for a completely unpleasant viewing experience. Worse yet, these kinds of mistakes read as amateur. Speaking from personal experience, there’s nothing quite as embarrassing as a squeal coming from a speaker during a live event. Well, except watching your project with an audience and realizing you didn’t balance your levels. That’s pretty embarrassing too.

Great onset audio, sound editing, and music add depth and quality to a project which really ups the appeal and professionalism. You’ll walk away looking like the boss you are.


Experienced Crew

It’s true, you probably can get your neighbor’s best friend’s son to make a video on his iPhone for less than a tenured crew. But, nothing compares to having a team with years of technical knowledge, proven client relationships, industry & trouble shooting experience. A solid crew can save you money on reshoots by getting it right the FIRST time. They are usually better with time management and anticipating problems which can eliminate overtime and other expenses.


Budget Padding

Speaking of OT, clients often forget to plan for long days. You never know what can happen on set. Anything from traffic jams to a sudden burst of rain can cause a delay and send a shoot into overtime. Like our Crew Connection veteran Ashley says, “Be prepared. You can’t always plan for every bump in the road, so have some padding in your budget.”

That extra padding often applies to unforeseen travel expenses too. A crew should never have to pay for parking, tolls or hotel accommodations for your shoot. Depending on your project you may even need to fly in a DP or rent a car. When creating your budget, be prepared to see some mileage, airline tickets, parking fees and other travel expenses on the final invoice.



This may seem like a minor detail, but it’s a big issue for a crew that’s lugging around heavy equipment and making quick decisions all day. To be on point, they need to eat. Don’t be cheap! Pizza isn’t going to supply your crew with the fuel they need to excel. For best results, plan for meals… and good meals at that.

Getting what you pay for doesn’t always mean spending more, it means spending smart. Proper expectations and a realistic budget are key to getting the most bang for your buck!



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Crew Connection puts a suite of marketing tools at your fingertips. Get your demo reels, stills, gear, awards, and more in front of the biggest clients all over the world—for free. At Crew Connection we pay video and post production providers within 30 days of receiving your invoice so your work and your life are never interrupted. Need live assistance or want to add quality jobs to your pipeline? Our crew coordinators are on call around the clock. Sign in to Crew Connection, call 303-526-4900, or email