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Contract work is uncertain: Here’s how to make sure you get paid every time

Contract work is uncertain: Here’s how to make sure you get paid every time 5616 3744 Heidi McLean

The struggle is real. Contract work often means gambling with each new client and gig. While you might get paid half up front, you usually work without any guarantee—billing upon completion. That means a lot of uncertainty—especially for small video crews and owner/operators who rely on each project and its corresponding cash flow to pay bills, buy equipment, and stay in operation.

For their part, clients may have a net 90 invoicing policy, a small accounting department, or an unstable financial situation. Often, you’re the one at risk if any of those operations hits a snag. So you get a signed contract, do your best work, and hope your client follows through on their end of the deal.  

The good news is that there is an alternative: You don’t have to rely on a handshake and a roll of the dice.


Three ways Crew Connection brings payment security to contract work

Problem one: Many companies, especially the big ones, have 90 day payment terms, meaning you could wait an extra 60 days to have that cash in hand.

Solution one: Crew Connection guarantees payment for crews in 30 days regardless of the client terms.

Problem two: Onboarding paperwork slows down the process of working with new clients. Setting up contract and payment terms takes valuable time and often, different companies have different expectations for how and when they want to receive invoices.

Solution two: Crews invoice the same way every time (which happens to be very easy, by the way) regardless of who the shoot is for. Crew Connection takes care of the paperwork.

Problem three: Unfortunately, small companies without internal legal teams often get paid last or not at all when there’s a dispute or a client hits financial troubles. Some clients never pay. Who wants to waste time and money pursuing payment for previous work when you have new work to get to?

Solution three: Crews receive money for the project regardless of whether or not Crew Connection ever does.


The bottom line

Crews often bring new clients to us to make sure they get paid quickly even on their first project together. It benefits clients, too. We built our online database to make finding a crew fast and easy for clients and to make getting paid for contract work fast and easy for crews. Beyond that, it makes communication and record-keeping a breeze. It’s a win-win for both parties. We take the gambling out of contractor pay so crews can do great work, get paid quickly, and move on. Save the gambling for Vegas, baby!


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Do You Really Understand Your Company’s Workers’ Comp Policy?

Do You Really Understand Your Company’s Workers’ Comp Policy? 760 350 Crew Connection

All too often we hear news about the fines and lawsuits that companies suffer all because they aren’t familiar with the nuances of workers’ compensation insurance. So, are you sure you really understand your company’s workers’ compensation policy?

You Are The First Line of Defense

Crew Connection books crews in every corner of the globe (Find out how to take advantage of that here!), so we know all there is to know about insurance requirements. We do our very best to ensure that the crews we match you up with meet your company’s guidelines. However, the only way to do that accurately is if you know what those guidelines are! Make sure that you’re aware of your company’s workers’ compensation policy and that you communicate it to your personalized Crew Connection coordinator.  

How Crew Connection Protects You

Our Contact System

In some states, crews who hire subcontractors instead of employees aren’t required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. In order to protect your company from violating your requirements, we step in when clients reach out to crews such as these who don’t carry workers’ compensation. You can read how we protect you here.

Our Smart Filters

If you know that working with a crew who has workers’ compensation is an absolute must, just use CrewCloud’s smart filters to narrow your results down to crews with workers’ compensation insurance.

Our Coverage

Project taking place in an area where workers’ compensation isn’t required for subcontractors? You might have a hard time finding the crew you need. Don’t worry—we still have you covered! We can protect you under Crew Connection’s workers’ compensation policy for an additional fee. Contact us on our website or call 303-526-4900 if you want to know more about how Crew Connection can keep you compliant. And employed!

At Crew Connection, we’ve built our system to best protect you from working with crews who don’t match your requirements. If you hire a crew who doesn’t align with your workers’ compensation guidelines, you alone are responsible for resulting fines or lawsuits.

Sign up or sign in to Crew Connection and find crews who fit your workers’ compensation guidelines so you can get back to focusing on the creative work you love. Read more Crew Connection tips and tricks here.

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